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Why should HVAC and Landscapers wear Safety Green?


Many of the HVAC and landscapers that we screen print t-shirts for pick colors other than safety green.  Some of our clients try to differentiate themselves with colors such as forest green, red and even blue.   There are several reasons why they should consider changing to safety green t-shirts as their normal attire:

  • When working around a home, neighbors can become concerned when they cannot tell if your employee is a worker or someone with bad intentions.  Most criminals tend not to wear hi-viz clothing such as safety green and orange.  A large logo on the back would further define that you are there on business.
  • On a daily basis you and your employees are exposed to traffic.  Whether you are mowing near a street or carrying equipment to your truck, the danger of being hit exists.
  • Safety Green t-shirts are highly reflective and therefore cooler than most other colors.  Consider our standard t-shirt, such as the Jerzees 29M, or a cooler wicking fabric such as the US made wicking shirt that we offer, or the even lighter Badger B-Dry Core Tee.

Most of our customers purchase at least five shirts for each employee which limits the need for washing to once per week.  Many avoid a full back logo since this can usually make the garment feel heavier.  Consider a small one-line of text across the back or under the neckline.  A small front left chest logo is also typical.  Questions?  Feel free to give us a call or drop us a line

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